About Us

Who We Are

ERI was founded by Brian Waddell in 1988 to help Oklahoman’s with disabilities thrive at home, in their workplace and in their communities. We started out as Employment Resources Inc. with the goal of assisting adults with disabilities looking to join the workforce.

Through growth and experience, we expanded our services to include in-home support. Our in-home support program, ERI at Home, is designed to meet the specialized needs of individuals as they work toward reaching their maximum level of independence.

ERI’s mission is to empower people to live better and more productive lives by providing community employment and residential support services that are customized to meet their individual needs


What We Do

At ERI, we work to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities by providing customized residential and employment services. We fulfill our mission through a variety of programs centered around in-home support services or vocational services. 

Programs Offered Through ERI

ERI’s In-Home ERI Services Include Transportation Supports

In-Home Support Services

The in-home support program at ERI is designed to meet the specialized needs of individuals within the setting of their own homes.

We come alongside our clients, families and guardians to create a personalized plan and tailor our in-home services. Together, we identify the resources, steps and skills needed to help each individual reach their maximum level of independence.

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ERI At-Home Help Individuals Remain in the Community

Supported Living

We provide support services to adults and children with disabilities in their natural home. Individuals and their families develop goals that will help the individual increase their independence. Personal living, safety and socialization skills are developed as part of this program.

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ERI At-Home Learn New Skills

Vocational & Pre-Vocational Services

Vocational and pre-vocational services include goal-oriented, customized job placement, job training and short-term or long-term support to assist service recipients in achieving and maintaining employment within the community.

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Ticket To Work ERI At-Home

Ticket To Work

The Ticket to Work is a free and voluntary program that supports career development for people with disabilities who want to work. This program is available to Social Security disability beneficiaries aged 18 through 64. Ticket to Work is designed to help people with disabilities progress toward financial independence. 

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