Independence At Home

In-Home Support Services

At ERI, we desire to see Oklahomans with disabilities thrive at home and in their communities.

Our in-home support program is designed to meet the specialized needs of individuals as they work toward reaching their maximum level of independence. 

We come alongside our clients, families and guardians to create a personalized plan and tailor our in-home services. Together, we identify the resources, steps and skills needed to help each individual reach their full potential.

What Can In-Home Support Services Do?

OUR  Oklahoma in-home support services give individuals with disabilities freedom to make their own choices while living as independently as possible.

“Your company is amazing. I believe God gave you a mission and you are fulfilling it. You get an A+ for taking care of your clients and employees.”

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Family and Client-led goals allow us to personalize our program so we can focus on the goals and skills that are most meaningful to our families and clients

ERI At-Home Maximize Independence

Maximize Independence

Habilitation Training Specialists teach daily living skills like laundry, housekeeping and money management. Individuals build skills that promote confidence, self-care and autonomy.

ERI At-Home Help Individuals Remain in the Community

Participate in the Community

We believe individuals with disabilities bring value to our communities. In-home support provides vital services that improve life at home and assist individuals to fully engage with the world around them.

Improve Self-Advocacy ERI At-Home

Improve Self-Advocacy

The voices of people with disabilities need to be heard. We work with clients to build confidence and advocate for themselves. Self-advocacy ensures their needs are met, their rights are upheld and their choices are maintained.

ERI At-Home Learn New Skills

Learn New Skills

Whether your loved one wants to learn to cook simple meals, try a new hobby or attend a community event, we can identify the skills needed to take on the task. We meet clients wherever they are and work systematically toward their goals.

ERI At-Home Increase Access

Increase Access

Transportation can be a barrier to individuals with disabilities. At ERI, we provide assistance and support that makes it possible for individuals to shop, visit a doctor and participate in community recreation with increased independence.

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Why ERI?

We personalize our program so we can focus on the goals and skills that are most meaningful to your family.

Approved Provider

We are an approved Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) provider through the Oklahoma DHS. We are qualified to provide services through In-Home Support Waivers (IHSW) as well as Community Waivers.

Focused on the Individual

We offer customized services and personalized support. We build our program around our clients to help them reach their goals and realize their full potential.


Since 1988 we’ve strived to make a positive impact on the lives of people with disabilities. For more than 30 years, we’ve offered personalized support to help individuals lead successful, fulfilling lives.


Each one of our Oklahoma support staff members undergo a thorough background check. They are fully trained to work with individuals with disabilities. ERI has been recognized by the American Red Cross and the Oklahoma APSE for our quality services.

Quality Services At No Additional Cost to Families

In-home support services are available at no cost to individuals with disabilities. Our customizable program is funded by Oklahoma’s In-Home Supports Waiver (IHSW) and the Community Waiver.

ERI In-Home Quality Services At No Additional Cost to Families